The NEXGEN Weight Loss Method

The NexGen Method combines GLP-1 with Lipotropic injections and a bespoke exercise plan to maximize the results and improve your quality of life.


GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide 1) is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the intestines. It acts on the brain to signal feelings of fullness, thus reducing the amount you eat and kickstarting significant weight loss.

Lipotropic Injections

Our Lipotropic Injections are formulated with B12, B-Complex, Vitamin 6, L Carnitine, and other vitamins and minerals that work together to burn fat.


Studies have shown that GLP-1/GIP medications with exercise not only accelerates weight loss but also promotes healthy weight loss that lasts. Having more muscle mass creates a “toned” physique and is linked to lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. 


Quality nutrition is a cornerstone of the NEXGEN program. We provide a detailed, high protein and nutrient-rich diet plan for our patients to follow in order to keep the weight off in a healthy way whilst improving muscle mass.

The Process
Step 1
Schedule a call with our physicians

Our doctors will discuss your health goals, what to expect throughout the program and tailor the approach for you.

Step 2
Get medication & diet program

We send your GLP-1 medication to your door and give you an extensive high nutrition diet plan to follow.

Step 3
Start losing weight

Follow the program as outlined and you will notice the difference FAST. You will have monthly follow up calls with our physician to track your progress.

Step 4
Monthly check-ins with your doctor

You will have monthly follow up calls with our physician to track your progress, modify your approach and help you towards achieving your goals.

Visit doctor or begin at home

We believe in a flexible approach to weight loss. That’s why we offer in-person and telemedicine options. 

Ready to get started?